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Does the Helmet Fit?
Shepparton fire brigade is an intergrated brigade. Meaning that the station has both career fire fighters, and volunteer fire fighters.
To find out more about carerr fire fighters click on the link below
Career fire fighters
To find out more about volunteering as a fire fighter click on the link below.
Volunteer fire fighters
The following steps briefly describe the process to join the Shepparton Fire Brigade as a volunteer

1. Click on the following link:
Complete the CFA New Volunteer Enquiry Form.
Fax/email the form to CFA.

2. A representative from the Shepparton Fire Brigade will make contact with you.

3. Attend several monday night activities at the Shepparton Fire Station, to see if volunteering suits you.

4. Next step involves being 'voted in' by the current members of the brigade, on the provision that you pass a police criminal check.

The different roles available to members of the Shepparton Fire Brigade are:
a. Fire Fighting 
b. Urban Competition Teams
c. Rural Competition Teams.
d. Junior Development Team.
e. Auxiliary.

For fire fighting activities
5. Participate in a Shepparton Fire Brigade Induction Program.
6. Successfully complete the 'minimal skills' training program.

7. Receive your personal protective equipment (PPE), and a pager.

8. Respond to various incidents including structure fires, non-structure fires, motor vehicle accidents..

9. Continue to increase your skill to satisfy you.

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